Line Dance 2016                       

Applejack,Thanks A Lot,Long Pride,Memphis Love,Still in Love,

Better When I'm Dancing,Come On Down,Get Down The Fiddle,

Stop Staring At My Eyes,Patsy Fagan


Line Dance 2017

Hold,Twist & Turn,Second Hand Heart,A Tale To Tell,

Bring Down The House,Fireflies,Island on The Sunlight,

While I Was Making Love To You,Missing,Lonely Drums,

Dance Again,Sam's Ghost Town,Every Time She Walks By


Line Dance 2018

Mr.Jones,Double Down Two Step,All The King's Horses,A 1,BeBob,

One Step Forward,C.C.S.,Bread and Butter,Blue Train,Chattahoochee,

Golden Wedding Ring,Roots,New Flame,Indian Sound,

Won't Ya Come Down,Chasing Down a Good Time,Over The Moon,

Wandering Hearts,Dixie Girl,Close My Eyes,Nothing,Untamed,Story,Cowgirls,

JR,Farmer's Wife


Line Dance 2019

Peter Pan,Cowboy Strut,Vail of Tears,Good Girls Gone Bad,Hold The Line,

Wave of Love,Pot of Gold,Come To Dance,Down On Your Uppers,Story

Better Days,Whiskey Bridge,Codigo,Nothing But you,Kepp It Simple,

Old Friends in America,Music Man,Gone West,When You Smile,These Old Boots,

When you Smile,Brokenhearted u.weitere.....

Rose Garden,Red Hot Salsa,JR,Lindi Shuffle,Jailhouse Creole,Memphis Love,

Champagne Promise,These Old Boots,White Rose,Livin On Love,


A1,Mamma Maria,Country Walkin,Cowgirl Twist,Some Beach,Tush Push,

Irish Stew,E.Slide,Be Bob,Black Coffee........................


Line Dance 2020

Texas Time,Pizziricco,Backroad Nation,Down To The Honky Tonk


Couple Dance

Traveling Gypsy,Lover Pleace Comback,Heel and Toe Polka,

House on The Beach,Whiskeys Wiggle,Highway 12,

Wild Rose Swing,Never Never Cha Cha,Billys Dance,

Red Hot Salsa,Wings Of Love,Diddle Dee Mixer,Alligator Shuffle,

Cheyenne Woman,Better Of in Love,You Must Be Jocking,United Br.Guitars,

Square Dance

Line Dance 2021
Happy Anywhere,Same Boat

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